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Yu Lai 

Picture Book


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Yu Lai, living beside a beautiful river. Yu Lai was smart, good at fishing, and swimming. Sometimes, Yu Lai would carry the big fish, swimming across the river to the village in exchange for other daily necessities. One day, Yu Lai saw a massive fish in the river! She wanted to catch the fish so bad. However, Yu Lai had nothing to deal with it. She spent a lot of time considering how to catch the fish. In the end, Yu Lai came up with an idea to capture the big fish. She built a lab beside her house and started to study every day after work. Yu Lai made many, many, many robots. She and the robots worked together to pile up the rocks and wood. They successfully built a dam. Without the water, the big fish couldn’t swim anymore. Yu Lai was so happy. But suddenly, she noticed that there were much little fish that couldn’t swim, either. It’s raining! The dam was going down! A heap of the water would spill out and wash everything away. The older villagers came! They lifted the house, picked Yi Lai up, and escaped.

The dam fell. The river roared, washing the lab and all the robots away. On the hill, villagers carried Yu Lai’s house. The big fish was swimming to freedom. Yu Lai was saying goodbye to the big fish with an apology.



Story | Tong Chiao Young
Illustration | Taylor Su


Taylor Su
Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film Maker
Taipei, Taiwan
New York, USA



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