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Hi! I’m Taylor Su,
an award winning motion designer and illustrator
based in New York. ︎



45th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards Judge

Motion Designer - Full time
CNN, NY | 2022-2024

Motion Designer - Contractor
CNN+, NY | 2021-2022

Motion Graphic Designer - Full Time
Social Chain, NY | 2021


Award of Excellence | 2024
Society For News Design

Elements: Animation design
Life after combat: A veteran struggle with PTSD

Honorees | 2024
The Webby Awards

Video - General Video

Best Use of Video or Moving Image 2023

Winner | 2023
News and Documentary Emmy® Awards
Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction: News
CNN As Equals - The Dangers of Mercury in Skin Whitening Products Explained

Finalist | 2023
Online Journalism Awards
2023 Excellence and Innovation in Visual Digital Storytelling, Large Newsroom
Inside the hospitals that concealed Russian casualties

Gold Metal | 2023
The Society of Publication Designers
- CNN, Ladan Anoushfar, Senior Production;
September 2022,
“Mercury Found in Some Beauty Products Can Enter the Bloodstream, the Brain and Breastmilk”

Winner | 2023
The Webby Awards

Webby Winner / People's Voice Winner
Websites and Mobile Sites
Best Use of Video or Moving Image 2023

Winner | 2021
Campus Movie Fest
Disney | Women in Film, USA

Winner | 2021
The Paus Premieres Festival, USA

Official Selection | 2021
Hollywood Blvd Film Festival, USA

Official Selection | 2021
Animation Volda Festival, USA

Official Selection | 2021
EASTA ARTLAB film competition, USA

Official Selection | 2021
Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival, Japan

Official Selection | 2021
New York Lift-Off Film Festival, USA

Official Selection | 2021
NewFilmmakers NY, USA

Winner | 2019
Golden Pin Design Award 2019, Taiwan

Third Price | 2019
Vision Get Wild Award 2019, Taiwan

Winner | 2019
Red Dot Award Brand & Communication, Germany

Merit Award | 2018
Jing Shan Classic, Cultural & Creative Arts Awards, China


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Taylor Su
Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film Maker
Taipei, Taiwan
New York, USA



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