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The Pimen’s Toilet Animation / Picture Books

The Pigmen show up on the riverside day after day. There are no stars and no light. The most hated thing by the inhabitant of the river, the toilet factory, has arrived. Inside that toilet ship, are the little pigmen who know only to eat and sleep. In the night, as the floated toilet ship harbors, the gigantic pitman guards will bring the little pigmen over to the riverside, line them up and start posing into the river.

It was an ordinary day; the toilet ship got stuck again; smoke gradually rises. A small boat surfing through the silted-up river, there is the melody of the bell coming from the ship. It sounds boisterous. The river is muddy, the world before the eyes, completely covered in fog.



The severe eutrophication of Taiwan's rivers and streams caused by domestic sewage and agricultural and pastoral wastewater has been a long-standing problem. The problems of fertilizers in agricultural and rural wastewater and the treatment of animal manure are essential issues. Each pig produces about 1.6 tons of feces and urine, and the total amount of swine excretion in the country is about 750 million tons. The COA estimates that approximately 30 liters of wastewater are generated from the daily treatment of pigs, with more than 60 million tons of sewage produced annually. Without proper treatment and recycling mechanisms, discharge into rivers will disrupt river ecological balance.



Taylor Su
Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film Maker
Taipei, Taiwan
New York, USA



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