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Letters to the Ocean and the Coast

Graphic Design

01 /Dear Ocean,


When out of luck, they will be struck by massive waves continuously for few days until the humidity covers up the sky to blur out the memories. Occasionally, while the sunlight is strong enough to break through the wind, the waves won’t crash that rough. However, at the time when the blue sky gives a few specks of white, tide is in and out. Peacefully safe.

02 /Dear Coast,


When I’m gazing up on the coast, I surprisingly feel the warmth flowing through my trembling body. I know. No matter how far I've been swept away or how deep I've been buried, you will be there. Pulling me out from the waves as best as you can. Just to have me back.

Making Process


Taylor Su
Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film Maker
Taipei, Taiwan
New York, USA



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