Director | Taylor Su
Storyboard | Taylor Su
Motion Desgin | Taylor Su
Animation Music | B. Shichi Liu
Narrator | Sarah Blades
Advisors | John Roach, Barbara Morris, Aya Karpińska, Louisa Campbell
Special Thanks | Dae Young Kim,  Mia Meus, Molly Burke,
                              Adam Brown, Andrew Shea, Valerie Lin

COPE aims to help people with PTSD to live with their mental condition, and raise people's awareness of PTSD. The form of this project includes an animation and a toolkit. The animation provides a future scenario where the audience can feel safe and thrive. The toolkit is a one-day diary for a person with PTSD that invites readers to interact with the toolkit, knowing that they are not alone, and they can get better.


The animation was inspired by the future imagination research worked by Adam Brown, who teaches psychology at The New School. Throughout the design process, I was able to get insights from him and the Trauma and Global Mental Health Lab.

“Future imagination” refers to our predictions toward the things that lay ahead. The study found that people with PTSD are more trauma-focused when imagining their future. The reason is that many people think that PTSD is caused by bad memories, which is mostly true. However, it is also caused by the expectation that these bad things are going to happen again and again.

What if we can show them a safe future and give them an experience of living in a future scenario where they feel confident and safe? That might be enough to help them recover from PTSD without even dealing with the traumatic memories.


This is a pop-up book of a PTSD patient’s one-day diary that asks them to share their thoughts and feelings throughout the day. On the back of the toolkit, there is a piece of bubble wrap and a trauma kit attached, which the reader can use when needed.


“Control”, “Transparency”, “Prediction”, these are the three key elements that can help people with PTSD to feel safe. Control means to let the patient know that he always has the control to pause, or leave the current situation. Transparency means the operations and decisions are conducted with transparency to build and maintain trust. And prediction means to make things as predictable as possible, to make the patient feel safe.

Everything can be a trigger to someone. It is okay to feel not okay. And it is okay to ask for help. So if you feel triggered, uncomfortable, or need any support:


Future Study / Looking for Collaboration

In the future I will focus on the posibility of creative art therapy to help children who don’t have tools to verbalize their trauma. I am currently looking for collaborators.
So let’s get in touch!



Taylor Su
Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Film Maker
Taipei, Taiwan
New York, USA