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ROLE: Motion Designer Aims to build show identities and graphics packages, from show opens, transitions, backgrounds, to set and scenic design.

Canceling Karen is the last project that I worked at CNN+ before I joined CNN Motion
It’s a scene played out over and over again: a white woman grows irate over something seemingly unimportant, an onlooker films the encounter, and a viral Karen meme is born. Public outrage ensues, and soon, “[insert-descriptive-locator]-Karen” is CANCELLED -- transforming the woman into an infamous-pariah deemed racist, homophobic, entitled and unwelcome to exist in any other role than this latest one: A KAREN.Canceling Karen is the unfiltered and provocative story that unpacks the viral memes, delving into the who, the how and the history behind today’s most notorious women. The piece aim to address central questions like: What are the real world impacts behind these fleeting viral moments? Do the Karens deserve to be forgiven? And where do we go from here?


This peice has more illustration animation than the other two documentaries that I had worked on in CNN+. In combination with the playful color palette, this design language allowed us to eas ily swing from comedic to serious in tone. I had a lot of fun animating each little elements, and it turns out going pretty well with the footages.



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